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A cohort, or online class, is a learning option that takes the self out of self-study. It’s an alternative to learning entirely on your own.

What is a Cohort?

A cohort, or online class, is a learning option that takes the self out of self-study. It’s an alternative to learning entirely on your own.

A subject matter expert guides cohort participants through the course material at a pre-determined pace. These cohort facilitators provide real credit union examples that you can relate to and easily apply to your job as you learn.

For those who find learning with others more satisfying or who find a particular subject more challenging, joining a cohort is an excellent alternative to the self-study option. Learners are given the chance to connect with peers across the country, gaining support from not only facilitators, but also from like-minded professionals with a similar learning path – just like in traditional classroom settings. Our cohorts have a defined start and end date which allows one module a week of learning with some catch up time built in. Don’t let procrastination or competing priorities keep you from your goals.

If examination = trepidation, then a cohort can help

In the self-study option, the final grade is based solely on the course exam. In a cohort, however, your final grade will be based on a combination of participation in the online discussion forum, written assignments, and the final exam.

Breakdown of the Final Grade:

Participation (10%)
Assignments (40%)
Exam (50%)

You must still achieve an overall grade of 60% to pass the course.

Available Cohorts

The available cohorts are:
  • CUC-185 Products & Services
  • CUC-201 Credit Unions: Different by Design
  • CUC-210 Consumer & Residential Mortgage Lending
  • CUC-225 Financial Management
  • CUC-240 Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning
  • CUC-315 Strategic Management for C.U. Professionals
  • CUC-325 Human Resources Management
  • CUC-345 Business Lending
  • CUC-346 Agricultural Lending
  • CUC-350 Commercial Real Estate Lending
Registration closes November 1, 2018. The cohort session runs November 5, 2018 – March 20, 2019.

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