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Director DNA

CCUA & Schulich school of business - We've mapped the gene of an effective Canadian credit union board director

Cusource® Professional Development and Education, together with Schulich Executive Education Centre, have mapped the gene of an effective Canadian credit union board director.

About the research

Cusource Education and Schulich, in collaboration with stakeholders within the credit union system, including a selection of directors, regional Centrals, regulators, faculty and credit union executives across Canada, have completed a series of consultations looking at the individual competencies (knowledge and skills), experiences, attitude, and attributes of high performing credit union directors.

The results were combined with more than thirty years of validated data from which Schulich to create a “Director DNA™”, or profile, of highly effective directors. This profile includes a series of best practices and research-based findings which can be used to create unique, individualized plans to advance the skillset of Canada’s credit union directors.

Research findings

CCUA and Schulich have launched the Executive Summary which outlines key findings from the study, which incorporates significant input from executives, regulators, faculty, and directors through multiple interviews and individual assessments with a sample of Canadian credit union directors from coast to coast. 

Learn more

  • Watch a recorded webinar about the project. Use password 1234
  • Attend our Continuing Education session: The DNA of a Top-Performing Credit Union Director

If you have any questions regarding the Director DNA Project, or if you’d like to find out how the profile of you or your board members compare to the Director DNA, please contact Korinne Collins (