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National Young Leaders Committee

The National Young Leaders Committee (NYLC) is a team of up-and-coming credit union professionals from across the country, working to strengthen the Canadian credit union system by bridging generations of leadership. We're a connection point between today's young leaders, experienced leaders and the leadership roles that will shape Canada's credit union system of tomorrow.

The NYLC creates a venue for young credit union leaders to collaborate and share their perspectives on system challenges and opportunities, ensuring that the next generation of senior leaders leads the credit union system into the future with confidence and competence. Specifically, the objectives of the NYLC are:

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We Develop

Delivering learning opportunities for Young Leaders within the Canadian Credit Union system.

We Engage

Advocating for Young Leaders and fostering meaningful system partnerships.

We Connect

Providing communication platforms for Young Leaders to interact with one another, system leaders, committees and organizations.

Current Committee Members

Formed in 2005, the NYLC is comprised of high-potential young credit union leaders from across the Canada who have made a difference in their credit union and/or community. Most NYLC members are recipients of CCUA’s National Young Leaders Award or the World Young Credit Union People (WYCUP) Award.

Adam Fraser, Coastal Community Credit Union, BC
Adam Thome, Affinity Credit Union, SK
Amie Warkentin, Credit Union Central of Manitoba , MB
Brian Aalbers, Libro Credit Union, ON
Leanne DeVliegere, Westoba Credit Union, MB
Lesia Gojan-Klein (Chair), Carpathia Credit Union, MB
Mark Gorman, New Brunswick Teachers’ Association Credit Union, NB
Marlin Froese, Access Credit Union, MB
Pamela Hillis, Mennonite Savings and Credit Union, ON
Richard Lange, Servus Credit Union , AB
Ryan Gobolos, Servus Credit Union, AB
Ryan McKinley, Vancity, BC
Robin Blythe, Libro Credit Union, ON
Steve Marquis, Copperfin Credit Union, ON
Tara Vanden Pol, Valley First Credit Union, BC