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Financial Life Stage Segmentation and the Value of Advice

What advice factors improve financial outcomes for millennials? What about those approaching retirement? How do those factors change for retirees?

CCUA recently partnered with PMG Intelligence to identify the top life-stage-specific factors that increase the propensity for positive outcomes related to an individual’s investable assets, perceptions of their current financial status, satisfaction with portfolio performance, and their rate of savings.

Click here to download the full report. Watch the webinar presentation here.

White Paper: The Retirement Income Advice Opportunity

Research suggests financial advisers are lagging in helping clients shift from wealth acquirers to income seekers when transitioning into retirement. Much of the industry is currently oriented around wealth accumulation with little incentive to help retirees draw down their wealth efficiently. This white paper provides an overview of the retirement income advice needs of Canadians and highlights the opportunity for credit unions to create value for retirees, those about to retire, and even those many years from retirement through effective decumulation advice and planning.

Click here to download the white paper.


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