Canadian Credit Union Association

Credit unions care about their communities, the economy and the environment. We do our part to give back and make a conscious effort to be socially responsible.

Credit unions put people before profits

Each year, credit unions give back on average 3.2 per cent of pre-tax profits to local community organizations; well above the recognized industry standard of giving one per cent.

Credit unions also provide members with innovation in financial literacy education, alternatives to payday lending, and social finance.

We are there when the big banks aren’t. We are currently the only financial institution operating in 380 Canadian communities – offering relief from predatory and expensive payday lenders.

Credit unions support local businesses help communities prosper

Credit unions support small and medium sized enterprises and also provide loans to farmers and homeowners, benefiting members in communities large and small.

Strengthening Canada’s Economy

Credit unions are helping to grow a strong Canadian economy by creating jobs, providing access to capital and contributing tax revenues. In 2022, Canadian credit unions provided over 28,800 full-time jobs to Canadians

We are leaders in corporate social responsibility

Waste Reduction

Credit unions are doing their part to improve environmental performance by reducing their environmental footprints in the areas of paper and IT waste, as well as emissions from travel.


Several credit unions offer eco-loan products to help credit union members make socially conscious investments, while also benefiting the environment.

B Corp Certification

Credit unions were among the first financial institutions & cooperatives to become Certified B Corporations in Canada.