Canadian Credit Union Association

Credit Union Business Owner Strategy (CUBOS)

The Credit Union Business Owner Strategy (CUBOS) is a collaboration of more than 50 Canadian credit unions working together to support their business owner members.

About Us

CUBOS was launched in 2006 thanks to the wisdom and foresight of Canadian credit union leaders who recognized that by working together to support business owners they could grow and maintain a competitive advantage, not only for each credit union but the system as a whole. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business consistently recognizes the credit union advantage in their research.

Our Mandate

  • to undertake research and develop insights that focus on emerging business-owner trends;
  • to raise awareness of tools and resources that allow credit unions to build and sustain a competitive advantage;
  • to provide a strong and sustainable platform for collaboration with credit unions that share the same interests in serving the needs of business owners.
  • to help CUBOS member credit unions build and maintain a business-owner strategy that helps grow their business banking portfolio.

Our Accomplishments

  • access to Gartner’s full international commercial banking database and advisory support;
  • collaboration across credit unions for mutual benefit and gain;
  • rich research database of Canadian business owners from 2006-2019;
  • analyzing emerging trends;
  • insights and road maps that credit unions can leverage for their own advantage.