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Welcome to the Back Office Collaborative (BOC)

The Back Office Collaborative, or BOC, was created to work together to help credit unions plan and prepare for the future.

The BOC has exciting initiatives underway that will help Canadian credit unions achieve economies of scale, remain relevant, generate innovative solutions and create an improved competitive position. All to provide a better experience for our members.

Our goal is to work with and build upon current system initiatives, not replace or replicate. Our commitment will always be to the members and to the credit unions.

The group recognizes the need for expertise, resources and speed to market in the financial services industry and believe the best approach is working together to meet the opportunities and the challenges facing our system.

At the BOC we see the possibilities when there is open dialogue and cooperation. When we work together good things happen!

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News and Updates

New Developments and initiatives are released to credit unions as well as to the media.

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Human Resources Work Stream

The intention of the Human Resources Work Stream is to identify and implement human resource related projects that provide tangible value back to the individual credit unions that wouldn’t have been possible as an individual entity.

IT Work Stream

The intention of the IT Work Stream is to identify and implement technological projects from an independent point of view, but also to align with current technical initiatives happening within the system.

To access the video, FAQ's, IT Roadmap and IT Roadmap Trends Update, click Learn more

Marketing & Data Analytics Work Stream

The intention of the Marketing & Data Analytics Work Stream is to identify and implement collaborative initiatives within any marketing function, currently focused in the area of marketing data analytics.

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